Black Cats Art Gallery!

Hey, people of the world! In this post, you’ll find art, comics, drawings, and any other visual art relating to us BLACK CATS!



Enjoy the first five chapters of my story, plunging you into the amazing fantasy world of Shifters, the Shandlier Academy, good laughs, and the occasional witty remark! Please comment~thanks!

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Benjamin Franklin

Black Cats is RELEASED!!

Welcome one and all to BLACK CATS!! This website is devoted to my book series, starring two black cat Shifters…Bianca and, well…Nameless (he’s nameless, thankyouverymuch.) This website includes a chapter every week or so (or whenever I feel like it), and a comic every now and then (or whenever I feel like it). So settle down, and get ready to enter the wonderful world of BLACK CATS!!